Advanced Reading Exercise

SunPro After-Sun Treatment

Read this product information from the side of a tube of SunPro after-sun cream.

SunPro after-sun treatment is the first and only after-sun product with the dry skin healing power of natural soy. The cooling lotion soothes and revitalizes sun-exposed skin on contact and helps minimize the short-term effects of sun damage.

With an exclusive blend of natural soy, anti-oxidants and a multi-vitamin complex, the non-sticky lotion minimizes flaking and peeling, and helps reduce the signs of redness and irritation caused by the sun. The unique formula also contains emollients to provide 12-hour moisturization and help replace moisture lost by sun exposure.

Directions: Apply generously to sun-exposed skin.

  • Cools and soothes skin
  • Minimises signs of short-term sun damage
  • Absorbs quickly
  • Non-sticky

Find words in the description that mean:

  1. Gives life back to    
  2. Recipe    
  3. Goes into the skin    
  4. Water, humidity    
  5. Adhesive    
  6. Something which causes itching    
  7. Owned only by us    
  8. Helps to calm, relax    
  9. Mix    
  10. Put on    

Answer True or False for the following questions.

11. This product can help you for a long time into the future.     
12. Only this company uses natural soy in an after-sun product.    
13. Your clothing may stick to your body after use.    
14. This cream can also help to replace moisture lost whilst sunbathing.    
15. You should use on all the body together.    

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