Advanced Reading Exercise

Editing - Extra Word Exercise 5

For each sentence, find the word that doesn't belong and write it into the box.

e.g. I didn't want to study any longer but my mother made me to continue for another hour.

1. Everyone was so shocked when the boss refused that to let us leave early on the Friday when everyone wanted to go and see the carnival.

2. After seeing that film, I really do like that actor now then.

3. Look at those ducks! One of is blue and that one there looks very fat.

4. A fresh fruit should be an important part of our diets.

5. Your sister has been read this book, hasn't she? Did she enjoy it or not?

6. Climbing can be quite dangerous if safety is not a priority. Despite of this, the mountains of this area are full every week with "weekend climbers".

7. Get a hotel near the beach. The nearer the beach it is, the happier than I am.

8. My sister she is a secretary for the same company that your cousin works for.









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