Intermediate Reading Exercise

Comic Strip 3

For each line of dialogue, choose the correct picture (1-9) and write only the number in the box. There are two lines you do not need. For these, simply write "NO" in the box.

You could, if the last train hadn't left 20 minutes ago.

And three on Sundays. I'm sorry...

I'm glad you agree. It doesn't cost much and you can relax on the train too.

Look, we can plant a tree tomorrow, ok?

Listen kids, we get four trains that stop at this station every day.

I've never felt so hungry in my life!

This was a great idea of yours. Using the train to help save the planet!

Are you kidding? It's half past ten!

Did you hear what he said to me?

Good evening. Can we have two single tickets to Grand Central Station, New York, please?

Call Jake. He'll come and collect us in his big 4x4 people carrier.

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