Intermediate Reading Exercise

The Dangers of Radiation

Seven parts of sentences have been removed from this article about radiation. There are 7 questions. For each question, write the number of the space. If you think the words for question 1 go into space 4, write ONLY the number 4. For one question, the sentence does not belong in the text so just write "NO".

Most people hear terms like radiation and ______(1) as a bad or dangerous thing. It turns out that _____(2) are ordinarily harmful to humans. For example, ultraviolet radiation can give people sunburns. X-rays and gamma rays can _____(3), or even die if they are exposed to them for a very long time. Some types of particle radiation can also make people sick and lead to burns. Any type of radiation that causes changes in the world like these is referred to _____(4). If radiation does not carry high enough levels of energy, though, then these changes _____(5) something is hit by the radiation. This is referred to as non-ionizing radiation, which is not as dangerous.

One can distinguish between various types of radiation by _____(6) of the radiation, its wavelength (if the radiation is electromagnetic), the amount of energy being carried, any particles involved, etc. Radioactive material is a physical material that emits radiation. Uranium and _____(7) radioactive materials. The atoms they are made of tend to fall apart and give off different kinds of radiation, like gamma rays and lots of types of particle radiation.


  1. as ionizing radiation >> >> Space
  2. only certain types of radiation >> >> Space
  3. looking at the source >> >> Space
  4. will not happen when >> >> Space
  5. which most people >> >> Space
  6. immediately think of it >> >> Space
  7. plutonium are examples of >> >> Space
  8. make a person sick >> >> Space

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