Pre-Intermediate Reading Exercise

The Silver Glove

Read the film reviews below of The Silver Glove and then decide the best answer for the questions below. For some questions, there are two answers. In this case, put the two letters in alphabetical order and with a hyphen in between. e.g. C-F

The Silver Bore

Daniel Jones

If you've ever seen a pirate film in the past, you can save your money. This is one of the most predictable films I have seen this year. The plot is totally unbelievable and the script is something amateurish out of filmmaker college. There is some nice cinematography but the Hawaiian scenery is not enough to save this film. Great support acting from the Frenchman Thierry Montpasse as the evil Captain Scar.

Pirates At The Speed Of Light

Angela Moore

I just loved this fast-moving pirate thriller. The story moves at dizzying speed from one terrifying battle scene to the next and you really feel as if you are on the ships with these evil thieves and smugglers. Chief pirate, British actor Colin Williams, is given all the best, wittiest lines and the film has its share of laughs as well as scary moments. The storm scene at the beginning leaves you both exhausted and terrified.

A Hidden Treasure

Max Court

I found this film absolutely delightful. An inspiring cast is directed with great skill and invention by German Dieter Muller. There are plenty of surprises in the story to keep the audience guessing until the last minute. Some clever jokes give the film a surprising level of humor too, which I really wasn't expecting from a film about pirates.

Film Should Walk The Plank

Deborah McGhee

The Silver Glove promises much but delivers very little. The opening scene, filmed in a storm of lightning and high waves, is an exciting start but as the film takes you from one swordfight to another, it starts to seem a bit monotonous. Patricia Groves plays the doctor wonderfully and there may be an Oscar nomination for her in the new year.

Sharp Sword Drama

William Wilson

The Silver Glove is an action-packed pirate drama in the best traditions of this genre. If you only want swordfights and buried treasure, you may be disappointed as this intriguing film also offers a complex plot which is never dull. Some of the language may be too crude for younger children but this is really my only complaint. Some fine acting completes this fun movie.

Glove Sinks In The Sea

Maria Thomson

After all the money that has been spent on this simplistic pirate tale, you would expect more than this dull movie. The battle scenes are so repetitive that you may think you've seen the film before. Some of the camera work is inventive and is to be complimented. The ship chase creates a lot of tension and excitement that the rest of the film fails to do.

A. Daniel Jones
B. Angela Moore
C. Max Court
D. Deborah McGhee
E. William Wilson
F. Maria Thomson

Which film critic(s):

  1. Likes the opening scenes?
  2. Didn't expect to laugh at the film?
  3. Compliments an actress on her performance?
  4. Has a warning for traditional pirate film fans?
  5. Comments on the humor of the film?
  6. Has a warning for parents?
  7. Says something about the film's location?
  8. Praises the "look" of the film?
  9. Knew what was going to happen in the film?
  10. Makes fun of the film's title?

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