Pre-Intermediate Reading Exercise

Black Hollywood - Reading Comprehension Multiple Choice

Answer these multiple choice questions about the text.

Patricia Denning stars in a sad movie about ambition and heartbreak.

When Cecilia leaves college in Texas, she has everything: a wonderful boyfriend, Carl, an interesting job and an expensive house in a pretty town. Her life is perfect. Even her black Labrador dog, Perky, is a star: he wins the local dog competition and Hollywood wants to put him in a movie.

Cecilia goes to Hollywood with him and leaves her boyfriend alone back home. When the studio fires Perky, Cecilia decides to stay in Hollywood and tries to get other movie roles for her beautiful dog.

Carl gives Cecilia an ultimatum: come home and stop behaving crazily, or stay there forever. Cecilia decides to stay in Hollywood and wants to become an actress herself. She sends Perky back to Texas and starts an acting course. After six months, Cecilia realizes she can't act and she misses home, but it's too late. Carl has found another girlfriend. Cecilia tries to win him back, and also discovers a lot about herself on her long journey.

This is a very sad movie, which makes you think about what we want from life. Patricia Denning is very convincing as Cecilia, but the star of the movie is gorgeous Perky, the black Labrador who steals our hearts. Black Hollywood is in cinemas from next week.

1. What does Cecilia not have?

    A house she loves

    A wonderful husband

    A pet

    A great job

2. When does her wonderful adventure begin?

    When her dog wins a competition

    When she marries her boyfriend, Carl

    When she goes on vacation to Hollywood

    When she buys the house in a pretty town

3. What happens to Perky in Hollywood?

    He isn't very successful

    He becomes a star

    He's too nervous to work

    He makes two movies and retires

4. What is Carl's reaction to Cecilia living in Hollywood?

    He doesn't know she went

    He's angry

    He doesn't care

    He's supportive

5. Why does Cecilia stay in Hollywood?

    She wants to become an actress

    She is too busy making movies

    She hates Carl

    She has no money

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