Pre-Intermediate Reading Exercise

The Party - Past Continuous Worksheet.

Read the following short text about a party and decide the best place in the text for the phrases which follow. Write the correct number in the boxes after each of the sentences.

For Example: if you think the first sentence should go after the word Beyonce, write 6 in the box.

When I arrived at the party ___1___, there were many people ___2___ there ___3___. First I saw Bill Clinton ___4___ near the bar ___5___. Beyonce ___6___ was with some friends ___7___. Sting and Justin Bieber ___8___ were near a big group of young girls ___9___. All the waiters were Mexican ___10___.

1. and were talking to each other in Spanish    

2. and were singing a beautiful Italian song    

3. who was drinking a bottle of vodka    

4. and everybody was enjoying themselves    

5. and was singing her latest song    

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