Elementary Reading Exercise

The Postcard

Read the postcard that Helen has written to James. Then match the questions and answers. Write the correct letter (A-J) in each box. There are two answers you don't need.

Dear James

This vacation is wonderful. The island is beautiful and the weather is hot and sunny every day. I arrived on Saturday morning and went to the beach immediately. I took a long swim and then sunbathed all afternoon, but I only put on sunscreen with protection factor 5 so I got a sunburn! After that I sat under my umbrella and listened to the CD you bought me for my birthday - thanks again! :-)

On Sunday I met some boys from Turkey and we played beach volleyball with some of the local people. They are all very friendly.

Yesterday I went shopping and I bought you a nice present. I hope you like it. See you when I get home.

Love Helen xx

  1. Where is Helen on vacation?
  2. When did she arrive?
  3. Where did she go first?
  4. Why did she sit under her umbrella?
  5. What did she listen to?
  6. Who did she meet on Sunday?
  7. What did they play?
  8. What did she buy yesterday?

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