Elementary Reading Exercise

Tim's Day

Read about Tim's normal day and then answer either Yes or No for each question.

Every day Tim wakes up at five thirty when his alarm clock rings. He gets up and then goes to the bathroom and has a long, hot shower. After that he makes breakfast for him and his wife, Betty. Tim has coffee and two slices of toast and Betty drinks a cup of tea and eats a bowl of cornflakes. At six o'clock Tim brushes his teeth, always before he gets dressed because it is very important that he doesn't get toothpaste on his clothes - Tim is a train driver and he wears a uniform! Finally, he kisses his wife and baby son and leaves his house in Watford at a quarter after six.

Tim starts work at seven o'clock and drives trains on the London Underground. He usually works in the mornings from Monday to Friday, but he sometimes works on the weekends too. At noon he stops work for half an hour to have his lunch. He eats cheese and tomato sandwiches which Betty makes for him, and drinks a bottle of milk. After lunch he works until four o'clock and then he goes home. In the evening he plays with his baby son, Ben, and watches TV with Betty. At ten thirty they all go to bed because they are very tired - and because they get up so early in the morning!

  1. Does Tim wake up before his alarm clock rings?
  2. Does he have a bath in the morning?
  3. Is Tim married?
  4. Does Betty eat toast in the morning?
  5. Does Tim brush his teeth every day?
  6. Does Tim drive a car for his job?
  7. Does Tim have 30 minutes for a lunch break?
  8. Does Tim finish work late in the evening?
  9. Do Tim and Betty have any children?
  10. Does Tim go to bed early?

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