Elementary Reading Exercise

The 1990s Reading Comprehension.

Read this passage, then complete the questions for the answers given. Use up to three words to complete each space. Use he/his to make the questions.

In January 1990, I was at primary school and in January 2000, I was at university! I left primary school in September 1990 and went to a secondary school five kilometres from my house. I got the bus every day at 7.30am and didn't get home until 5 o'clock in the evening. What a difficult life!

My family bought a satellite TV in 1991 and a new video the next year. In 1994, my brother bought a computer and I got a bicycle the next year.

I left my school in 1997 but decided not to go to university like most people: instead, I went walking in France alone for four months and then drove around America for three months with my brother. For the first six months of 1998, I got a job in a health food shop and then went to university in October 1998 in Wales.

1. What time did the bus?

2. he get home every day?

3. When did buy satellite TV?

4. Who bought in 1994?
   His brother.

5. he walk around France for?
   Four months.

6. Did he go in 1997 after school?
   No, he didn't.

7. Who did he go to ?
   His brother.

8. Where in 1998?
   A health food shop.

9. did he work there for?
   Six months.

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