Elementary Reading Exercise

Reading Gap Fill.

Read the following letter. For each box/space, use your mouse to drag the correct sentence from the list of missing sentences below.

The sentences.

 1. and other historical places

 2. we can practice our French together

 3. the whole four days

 4. doing this month

 5. but me and Melissa

 6. which I received last Saturday

 7. we were so cold

 8. My uncle works there

 9. the last time you were here

10. because I want to work

Dear Jane,

Thank you for your last letter (1) . I am happy that you have decided to start learning French like me. If you want, we can go on holiday together next summer to France and then (2)  . When I come to visit you in London in the spring, we can talk together in French if you want.

Yesterday, I returned from my short holiday camping in Scotland. I went with Melissa, my friend that you met (3) . Do you remember her? We stayed in her tent in a campsite near Edinburgh but the weather was terrible for (4)  we were there. It rained every day and everything was so wet and (5) . But while I was there I saw a lot of interesting places and we visited a lot of castles (6) . One day, we hired a boat and went out onto a lake which was near the campsite. It rained all day (7)  decided to go for a swim in the lake and that was wonderful.

I am starting my new job tomorrow in the library near my house. (8)  and he helped me to find a job for every Saturday morning. I work from nine o'clock in the morning until one o'clock in the afternoon. It is very useful for me (9)  in a library when I finish university. How is your job at the supermarket? Please tell me what you are (10) .

I am going to do my French homework now!

Au revoir


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