Elementary Reading Exercise

My Garden

Read about the garden, then use ONE word to complete each sentence.

This is my garden. It's very big and also very wide. On one side, there is the McDonald family and on the other side, there is the Korfman family. I like both my neighbors.

There is a lot of grass in my garden. Now, it's September and the grass is long and thick. I also have three trees in the garden. There is a young lemon tree which is very small. It doesn't have any fruit, maybe next year! Then, there is a peach tree. There aren't many peaches this year because of the cold weather in April and May. The third tree is an apple tree. Apples always grow well in this area and the tree is full of big green apples. Tomorrow, I want to make a big apple pie.

There are two animals in the garden at the moment. Max is my Rottweiler dog. Many people think Rottweilers are dangerous, but Max is very friendly and everybody loves him. He's 4 years old. Playing with Max is Hector, our beautiful white cat. He's nearly ten years old.

There are many other colors in my summer garden. In December when it's cold and gray, it's not a very happy place, but now in September, it's wonderful. There are the red roses and we have other flowers that are green and yellow.

There is a large tent in the middle of the grass, a huge purple tent. That's because my brother, Luke, likes camping but my mother doesn't want him to go camping - only in the garden! So he sleeps in the purple tent. Luke is only eight years old, so I think my mother is right. Camping in the garden is safe for an eight year old.

  1. The McDonalds and the Korfmans are the names of his .
  2. There are trees in the garden.
  3. There is a small tree in the garden.
  4. The color of the apples is .
  5. Max is the Rottweiler and he's very friendly and not .
  6. There is also a white in the garden.
  7. There are green, red and yellow in the garden.
  8. Luke must stay in the garden because he's too to go camping.

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