Elementary Reading Exercise

The Seattle Journalist - Short Answers

Answer the following questions with either "yes" or "no".

Mr. Benson is a journalist from Seattle. He is married to Jennifer and they have three children. They have two boys, Peter and Don, and a daughter, Alice.

Mr. Benson is 47 years old. He has short black hair and he has a beard. Jennifer has large glasses and she has long blonde hair.

Peter is 15. He has short black hair, like his father. He is tall. His brother, Don, has fair hair and is not very tall. He is 13 years old.

Their sister, Alice, is 17. She has beautiful long black hair. She has a new car - she is very happy.

The Benson family have a Labrador dog, Benji. They have a small apartment in Seattle.

1. Is Mr. Benson a farmer?


2. Is Mr. Benson married?


3. Do they have children?


4. Does Jennifer have glasses?


5. Does Jennifer have a beard?


6. Is Jennifer's hair blonde?


7. Does Peter have black hair?


8. Is Peter short?


9. Is Don 15 years old?


10. Does Alice have a car?


11. Does Alice have blond hair?


12. Does the family have a pet?


13. Do they have a house?


14. Is their apartment in Seattle?


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