Elementary Reading Exercise

My Working Day - Complete the Answers

Use ONE word to complete each answer about the reading.

My working day starts very early. From Monday to Friday I get up at half past three and I have a shower and a cup of coffee. I usually leave the house at ten past four because the car always arrives a few minutes early. I get to the studio at about five o'clock and start work. My programme Good Morning Britain starts at seven o'clock and finishes at nine o'clock. Then I leave the studio at a quarter past ten. After that, I go shopping and visit some friends. I get home at three o'clock. A woman helps me with the housework and the ironing. I read a newspaper and do some work.

Then my husband gets home at half past five in the evening and I cook dinner. We stay at home in the evening. We don't go out because I go to bed very early. We usually watch television and then I go to bed at half past eight, I'm usually asleep by nine o'clock.

At weekends, I don't get up until ten o'clock. In the evening, we often see some friends or go to the cinema. But I'm always up early again on Monday morning.

1. What time does Cynthia get up during the week?

2. How does Cynthia get to the studio in the morning?

3. What time does she arrive at the studio?

4. What time does the TV show begin?

5. How long does "Good Morning Britain" last?

6. What time does Cynthia get home after finishing at the studio?

7. What time does her husband arrive home?

8. Do Cynthia and her husband go out in the evening?

9. What time does Cynthia go to bed?

10. Does Cynthia stay in bed longer at the weekend?

1. She gets up at half past in the morning.

2. She goes by .

3. She gets to the studio at o'clock.

4. The TV show begins at o'clock.

5. It lasts for hours.

6. She gets home at o'clock.

7. Her husband arrives home at thirty.

8. No, they don't because Cynthia goes to bed .

9. She goes to bed at thirty.

10. Yes, she stays in bed until o'clock.

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