Elementary Reading Exercise

Tom's Day

Read the following text, then do the exercise below.

On Sunday, Tom gets up at 10 o'clock. Then he reads his newspaper in the kitchen. He has breakfast at 11.30 and then he telephones his mother in Scotland.

In the afternoon, at 1.00, Tom plays tennis with his sister and after that, they eat dinner in a restaurant. At 6.00, Tom swims for one hour and then he goes by bike to his brother´s house. They talk and listen to music.

Tom watches television in the evening and drinks a glass of warm milk. He goes to bed at 11.30.

1. Where does Tom have breakfast?
    In the kitchen
    In his bedroom
    In the lounge

2. Who does he telephone in the morning?
    His sister
    His brother
    His mother

3. Where does his mother live?
    In England
    In his brother's house
    In Scotland

4. What time does he play tennis with his sister?

5. How long does Tom swim for?
    One hour
    Two hours
    Six hours

6. How does Tom go to his brother's house?
    By bike
    By car
    On foot

7. What does Tom drink in the evening?

8. What time does Tom go to bed?

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