C2 Proficiency

Multiple Choice Cloze Exercise 25

For each question, choose which of the four possible answers fits the space best and write THE CORRECT LETTER into the empty box. Also think about why the other three answers are not possible.

1. Local police have promised to on the rampant drug scene that is thought to have contributed to the death of two teenagers last week.
a. crack down
b. weigh down
c. put down
d. come down

2. We used to spend hours on this beach, among the rocks and the sand dunes. Seems like centuries ago!
a. scuttling
b. limping
c. clambering
d. hopping

3. My responsibility is to keep a rein on company expenses and try to see us in the black for the next financial year. I know it won't be easy!
a. shorter
b. looser
c. longer
d. tighter

4. Apparently, the sailor spent three days on the beach before anyone found him and sent for help. It doesn't surprise me: that is a very deserted of coastline.
a. zone
b. stretch
c. corridor
d. swathe

5. Young children are often willing to behave stupidly to impress their friends.
a. all so
b. all very
c. all too
d. all but

6. The quickest way to the castle is to for that large hill and cross the river on the new bridge. Then you can't miss it.
a. go
b. reach
c. set
d. make

7. There's no asking me to pay for those shoes. You ruined them, you pay for them!
a. use
b. motive
c. point
d. need

8. The vagrant came out of the shop, for about 10 paces before falling against a car.
a. stammered
b. tripped
c. staggered
d. skidded

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