C2 Proficiency

Multiple Choice Cloze Exercise 17

For each question, choose which of the four possible answers fits the space best and write THE CORRECT LETTER into the empty box. Also think about why the other three answers are not possible.

1. Harry thought about betting $200 on a horse called Lucky Harry in the year's biggest horse race but lost his at the last moment. Fortunately, it fell at the first hurdle!
a. head
b. nerve
c. mind
d. heart

2. I know the truth will finally and when it does, he who is guilty will be made to pay!
a. out
b. emerge
c. reveal
d. arise

3. The company's financial was so serious that investors were warned that they could lose all their money.
a. plight
b. dead-end
c. impasse
d. breakdown

4. Are you doing this English course with a(n) to getting a better job or not?
a. idea
b. vocation
c. intention
d. view

5. If you are so much with the new Calculus course, why don't you consider doing a few private lessons?
a. fighting
b. struggling
c. battling
d. straining

6. your continued late arrival at work, I have been pleased with your work here.
a. nonetheless
b. nevertheless
c. regardless
d. notwithstanding

7. Ever since he was bitten on the leg by Harry's dog, he has walked with a .
a. stagger
b. mumble
c. limp
d. fumble

8. By 2am, the number of people at the party had to almost zero and we left too.
a. subsided
b. dwindled
c. lessened
d. deteriorated

9. Once we knew he didn't take to being imitated, we stopped immediately.
a. kindly
b. fondly
c. nicely
d. warmly

10. The Prime Minister has said that a tiny, unruly within the otherwise peaceful demonstration was to blame for the trouble which followed.
a. segment
b. division
c. element
d. portion

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