C2 Proficiency

Multiple Choice Cloze Exercise 16

For each question, choose which of the four possible answers fits the space best and write THE CORRECT LETTER into the empty box. Also think about why the other three answers are not possible.

1. Most of the examination is written but there is also a(n) part which I am really worried about.
a. vocal
b. verbal
c. oral
d. wordy

2. I thought the teacher would be really angry but he was pretty in his punishment of us actually.
a. lax
b. loophole
c. lenient
d. loose

3. We replaced the broken vase with a very similar one that we found the next day in the market and they were the wiser when they returned from their vacation.
a. not
b. none
c. less
d. nothing

4. with anger, Mr. Jensson stormed into the local tax office and demanded to see someone about his case which had dragged on for nearly three years.
a. brimming
b. pouring
c. stewing
d. seething

5. I never had a moment to myself Tony. I never looking at your broken radio. Sorry!
a. got round to
b. got over
c. found out about
d. got away with

6. We must have wasted half the morning at the post office. There were only three open and the rest of the staff were just sat around smoking and reading newspapers. I was furious!
a. stalls
b. counters
c. tills
d. booths

7. Wow! That was delicious Marny! I have to it to you: yours is the best tiramisu in the world!
a. hand
b. praise
c. reward
d. allow

8. EduScope is the new which advises the government about new policies in education. Most of the members are former teachers or school administrators.
a. ministry
b. party
c. think-tank
d. brainstorm

9. Archaeology students often go on a lot of to get practical experience of archaeological digs happening in their area.
a. field trips
b. apprenticeships
c. seminars
d. conferences

10. My new secretary doesn't even know . It takes her an age to copy down a letter that I dictate to her.
a. handwriting
b. calligraphy
c. shorthand
d. graphology

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