C2 Proficiency

Multiple Choice Cloze Exercise 3

For each question, choose which of the four possible answers fits the space best and write THE CORRECT LETTER into the empty box. Also think about why the other three answers are not possible.

1. You can exercise your to cancel the contract immediately, but you wouldn't receive any money at that point.
a. duty
b. obligation
c. right
d. possibility

2. We were all in of the fact that the new manager was our old friend Duncan.
a. surprise
b. shock
c. awe
d. amazement

3. The icy road conditions in over twenty minor accidents this morning, but fortunately no-one was seriously injured.
a. resulted
b. caused
c. culminated
d. blamed

4. My uncle Warren is a thoroughly despicable character. His one feature is that he loves children.
a. saving
b. recovering
c. improved
d. redeeming

5. I don't think anyone understood what I was saying at the meeting, did they? I totally failed to get my point .
a. around
b. about
c. across
d. along

6. There was a veritable of angry phone calls from members of the public complaining about the new controversial series on TV.
a. gale
b. flood
c. storm
d. earthquake

7. The sales practices of this company will have to be totally if we are to save it.
a. overthrown
b. overhauled
c. overrun
d. overwhelmed

8. For lunch, I always have something quick and easy: a sandwich, a salad, toast and the .
a. same
b. similar
c. like
d. rest

9. The government announced today that they intend to the rise of crime in the inner cities by increasing police budgets in the areas most affected.
a. beat
b. win
c. retaliate
d. counter

10. We weren't of the danger we were in until it was too late and the ice started to break. We are lucky to be alive!
a. alive
b. alert
c. awake
d. aware

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