Cambridge B1 Preliminary

B1 Preliminary - Reading Matching Exercise 13

Below, you will find descriptions of five people who want to find a historical book to read, and descriptions of eight books. Decide which book would be the most suitable for the people below.

For each question, write the correct letter after each name.


1. Ellie: Ellie is a budding photographer who has a keen interest in the past. She is particularly fascinated by visual representations of historical moments and appreciates books that portray history through a lens.

2. Maya: An art enthusiast, Maya loves reading historical novels centred around artists and their lives. She enjoys books that not only tell a compelling story but also weave in the art culture of the time.

3. Liam: Liam is a casual reader who prefers books with an easy reading style. He's interested in historical events but would rather read a light-hearted historical fiction than an academic text.

4. Joshua: A history teacher by profession, Joshua is an avid reader who loves detailed narratives about historical events. His preference leans more towards non-fiction, and he enjoys books that provide an in-depth analysis of past occurrences.

5. Arthur: Arthur enjoys reading historical fiction set in medieval times. The rich details of the era, combined with compelling storylines, keep him engrossed.

Historical Books

A. 'Battlefield Memories': This non-fiction book presents an analytical account of famous historical battles. The author delves deep into the strategies, outcomes, and consequences of each battle, providing readers with a thorough understanding of these significant events.

B. 'Through the Lens of Time': A unique book filled with carefully curated historical photographs spanning several decades. Each image is accompanied by a detailed caption, providing context and inviting readers on a visual journey through history.

C. 'The Roman Chronicles': A detailed non-fiction account of the Roman Empire. The author meticulously analyses the rise and fall of the empire, shedding light on the significant events and personalities that shaped history.

D. 'Masterpieces in History': This is a historical novel, revolving around a fictitious artist living in Renaissance Italy. The narrative is intricately woven around the art and culture of the time, making it a delightful read for art enthusiasts.

E. 'The Gentleman Spy': A light-hearted historical fiction, set in Victorian London. The book follows the adventures of a charming spy and offers readers an entertaining, easy-to-read depiction of the era.

F. 'World War II: A Visual Retrospective': This book features a stunning collection of photographs from World War II, each capturing a poignant moment from the devastating period. Detailed captions guide readers through the events, providing visual and factual insights.

G. 'Tales from the Medieval Age': This historical fiction book is set in the medieval era, blending historical facts with captivating storytelling. The author masterfully brings to life the everyday scenarios and grand battles of the period.

H. 'The Monarch's Muse': Set in 18th century France, this historical fiction novel follows a young artist navigating the court of Louis XV. The narrative blends the intrigues of the royal court with the vibrant art scene of the time.

1. Ellie

2. Maya

3. Liam

4. Joshua

5. Arthur

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