Cambridge B1 Preliminary

B1 Preliminary - Reading Matching Exercise 10

Below, you will find descriptions of five people who want to find a property to buy, and descriptions of eight properties. Decide which property would be the most suitable for the people below.

For each question, write the correct letter after each name.


1. Mike is a university student looking for a flat within walking distance of his university in central London. He would also prefer a place with at least one roommate to share costs and make new friends.

2. Sophie is a young professional recently moved to Birmingham. She's looking for a modern flat with a home office space, since she works remotely most of the time.

3. The Browns are a family of four seeking a house with a garden in the peaceful town of Brighton. They also need a garage to park their family car.

4. Eleanor is a retiree who enjoys baking and gardening. She is in search of a cosy cottage with a large kitchen and a small garden in the countryside.

5. Paul is a freelance photographer who needs a loft apartment with plenty of natural light for his home studio. He prefers a property located in a vibrant city area.


A. 'Victoria Terrace': This modern flat in the heart of Birmingham features an open-plan living area and a dedicated home office space. It's ideally situated with local amenities just a short walk away, perfect for those working from home.

B. 'Ocean View': A quaint cottage located in the serene English countryside. The cottage boasts a large kitchen and a lovely little garden - perfect for those who enjoy quiet living and have a penchant for gardening and cooking.

C. 'Brighton Bungalow': This spacious family house is located in a quiet Brighton neighbourhood. It features a lovely garden for outdoor family activities and a garage suitable for parking a car. Local schools and parks are nearby, making it an ideal home for a family.

D. 'The Loft': This stylish loft apartment in Manchester city centre is flooded with natural light thanks to large windows. It's situated in a lively area with numerous galleries, cafes and shops, making it suitable for creatives seeking inspiration.

E. 'London Student Flatshare': A comfortable flat located a short walk from several London universities. This property comes with two bedrooms, providing an opportunity for students to share the space and costs.

F. 'Greenwich Apartment': Located in London, this apartment offers amazing views of the city. It features a modern kitchen and a spacious living room. Public transportation is easily accessible, making travel around the city convenient.

G. 'Rural Retreat': A beautiful detached house in the rural parts of Kent. It comes with a spacious backyard and a tranquil setting, perfect for those seeking peace and quiet.

H. 'Suburban Semi': A semi-detached house in a friendly Leeds suburb. It features a small front garden and a spacious living room. Nearby is a local shopping centre and park, ideal for weekend outings.

1. Mike

2. Sophie

3. The Browns

4. Eleanor

5. Paul

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