Cambridge B1 Preliminary

B1 Preliminary - Reading Matching Exercise 7

Below, you will find descriptions of five people who want to find a voluntary project to work at, and descriptions of eight voluntary projects. Decide which project would be the most suitable for the people below.

For each question, write the correct letter after each name.


1. Oliver loves animals and wants to use his free time helping at a place where he can care for them.

2. Lily enjoys football a lot and wants to be part of a project where she can be around other football lovers.

3. Isabella admires people who work in healthcare. She wishes to help at a place where she can make patients feel better.

4. James wants to help young people understand the importance of helping their community. He'd like to volunteer for a project that teaches this to youngsters.

5. Sophie cares a lot about nature and wishes to join a local project that focuses on looking after the environment.

Voluntary Projects

A. 'Buddy Paws Animal Shelter': Our place is a safe home for animals. Volunteers help by feeding the animals, cleaning them, and spending time with them. We want to make a friendly place for animals and people.

B. 'Football FanFest': Our event is all about football fun. We need volunteers to help with games, talk with fans, and make the day great. It's a big party of sport and community.

C. 'Neighbourhood Clean-up Drive': We organise clean-up days in our local area. Volunteers can help us keep our neighbourhood clean and make our community proud.

D. 'Healthcare Helpers': We work with local hospitals to make patients' days brighter. Volunteers can help by reading to patients, organising flowers, or just having a chat. You can bring a little bit of happiness to someone's day.

E. 'Youth Empowerment Project': We aim to help young people understand how they can help their community. Volunteers can teach, guide, and show young people how to be good citizens.

F. 'Community Sports Day': Our event is all about getting people active. Volunteers can help set up games, teach participants, and make sure everyone has fun.

G. 'Green Thumbs Society': We work to make people care more about the environment. Volunteers can join us in planting trees, talking about green living, and teaching people about how to look after our planet.

H. 'Food for All': We work to make sure everyone in our community has enough to eat. Volunteers can help by gathering food donations, making meals, and giving them out to people.

1. Oliver

2. Lily

3. Isabella

4. James

5. Sophie

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