Cambridge B1 Preliminary

B1 Preliminary - Reading Matching Exercise 6

Below, you will find descriptions of five people who want to find a cafés to go to, and descriptions of eight cafés. Decide which café would be the most suitable for the people below.

For each question, write the correct letter after each name.


1. Maria is a mother of a 3-year-old who loves drawing. She's looking for a café that provides colouring activities and a calm atmosphere to enjoy her coffee.

2. Jake has a 4-year-old son who enjoys interactive games. Jake is searching for a café that offers engaging children's activities while he relaxes over the weekend.

3. Sophia has a 2-year-old daughter and is seeking a café that provides a safe play area and baby changing facilities, where she can spend a quiet Saturday.

4. Mason, the father of a 3-year-old, enjoys reading to his son and wants to find a café with a collection of children's books and a cosy atmosphere.

5. Amelia wants to meet other young parents and share experiences. She's looking for a café that hosts parent groups and is child-friendly.


A. 'The Rainbow Café': A colourful, family-friendly café that features a small library full of children's books. In this warm and comfortable environment, parents can enjoy a cup of coffee while sharing a story with their little ones.

B. 'Parent Pitstop': This café caters perfectly to young parents. Hosting weekly parent group meetings every Saturday, the 'Parent Pitstop' also provides a separate play area, ensuring an enjoyable visit for both parents and toddlers.

C. 'Kiddie Corner Café': A toddler's paradise, this café offers a variety of engaging activities, including puzzles, building blocks, and interactive games. Parents can relax with a cup of coffee while their children enjoy the games.

D. 'Sketch & Sip': At this café, young patrons can enjoy unique colouring activities while their parents savour their coffee. Additionally, 'Sketch & Sip' ensures a comfortable visit for all with its baby changing facilities.

E. 'Coffee & Calm': A café known for its tranquillity and quiet atmosphere. For those who appreciate the finer aspects of coffee, this establishment guarantees a peaceful escape from the bustle of daily life.

F. 'Bookworms Café': A cosy haven that hosts a collection of children's books, 'Bookworms Café' provides a perfect setting for parents who cherish reading to their children.

G. 'Mums & Mugs': Hosting a parents' group every Saturday morning, this café also offers a variety of activities for toddlers, from colouring to interactive games, promising an engaging visit for the entire family.

H. 'Playful Brews': A café known for its safe and supervised play area, 'Playful Brews' allows parents to relax while their toddlers engage in their play area. The café also provides baby changing facilities for added convenience.

1. Maria

2. Jake

3. Sophia

4. Mason

5. Amelia

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