Cambridge B1 Preliminary

B1 Preliminary - Reading Matching Exercise 4

Below, you will find descriptions of five people who want to find resources to learn French, and descriptions of eight resources. Decide which resource would be the most suitable for the people below.

For each question, write the correct letter after each name.


1. William is a university student studying French literature. He needs a resource that focuses on grammar rules and provides extensive exercises to reinforce his understanding.

2. Ava is planning a trip to France next year. She wants a resource that emphasises pronunciation, helping her sound more natural when speaking French.

3. James enjoys writing and would like to start corresponding with real French people over email to improve his language skills and make some new friends.

4. Amelia is a busy professional who wants to improve her French speaking skills. She hopes to find a solution that would allow her to practise one-on-one conversation with native speakers during her lunch breaks.

5. Mia is a visual learner and finds it helpful when learning materials are presented through videos. She hopes to find a DVD series that covers all aspects of the French language.

Learning Resources

A. 'Francais Flashcards': This mobile application offers flashcards for vocabulary learning. However, it does not provide grammar lessons, pronunciation practice, one-to-one conversation, or emailing options.

B. 'French Grammar Guru': This comprehensive book covers every aspect of French grammar in great detail. It comes with numerous exercises, allowing students to practise and reinforce their understanding of complex grammar rules.

C. 'Pronounce It Right!': This DVD series features native French speakers demonstrating the correct pronunciation of French sounds and words. It uses visual aids and provides repetition exercises to help learners perfect their pronunciation.

D. 'Email Exchange Franšais': This website connects learners with French pen pals for language exchange through email. It's a great way to practise writing in French, learn colloquial expressions, and make new friends.

E. 'Total French with Videos': This DVD series offers a comprehensive French course, covering grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, and conversation. The lessons are presented through engaging video content, catering to visual learners.

F. 'Parlez-vous Francais?': This online platform offers one-to-one video sessions with native French speakers, making it an excellent resource for improving conversational skills. Available 24/7, learners can easily fit sessions into their schedules.

G. 'French Radio Podcast': This online resource provides podcasts of French radio shows. It is beneficial for listening comprehension, but it does not cater to grammar, pronunciation, one-to-one conversation, or emailing needs.

H. 'French Writing Workshop': This is an online workshop that focuses on improving writing skills in French. However, it does not facilitate emailing with French people, grammar exercises, pronunciation practice, or one-on-one conversations.

1. William

2. Ava

3. James

4. Amelia

5. Mia

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