Cambridge B1 Preliminary

B1 Preliminary - Reading Matching Exercise 1

Below, you will find descriptions of five people who want to find a book to read, and descriptions of eight books. Decide which books would be the most suitable for the people below.

For each question, write the correct letter after each name.


1. Martin is a history professor who is fascinated by ancient civilisations.

2. Amelia is a teenager who enjoys fast-paced stories full of mystery and adventure.

3. Carlos is a biologist, interested in how plants adapt to changing environments.

4. Evelyn is a fan of romantic novels, particularly those with strong female leads.

5. James is an environmental activist who is looking for an informative yet engaging read about climate change.


A. 'Timeless Love': A young woman from the 19th century has to navigate societal norms while pursuing her passion and finding her true love. It portrays a beautiful and heartfelt journey, painted against a historic backdrop.

B. 'The Enigma Code': This gripping thriller tells the tale of a group of teenagers who stumble upon an ancient secret society. It's a rollercoaster ride of suspense, mystery, and daring escapades.

C. 'Leafy Lives': An informative account of the incredibly diverse world of plants, their complex life-cycles, and how they adapt to environmental changes. Written by a renowned botanist, it brings the plant kingdom to life in the reader's mind.

D. 'Sands of Time': This meticulously researched novel transports readers back to the time of the ancient Egyptians. A historian's delight, it intertwines factual events with a fictional narrative.

E. 'Raging Tides': A young marine biologist investigates the deaths of whales and dolphins in South America and uncovers a global conspiracy threatening marine life. This fast-paced novel blends scientific facts with a thrilling storyline.

F. 'Climate Call': This book delves into the complexities of global warming and its implications on the planet. It blends scientific data with personal narratives, creating a compelling argument for immediate action.

G. 'Silent Whispers': A gripping tale of espionage set in the beautiful city of Prague during the Cold War. A young woman must balance her personal life and secret identity while trying to navigate treacherous political terrain and those that

H. 'Lost in the Jungle': This adventure-filled novel recounts the story of explorers lost in the Amazon rainforest. Far from civilisation, do they have what they need to survive? It's a survival tale that balances the beauty and dangers of nature.

1. Martin

2. Amelia

3. Carlos

4. Evelyn

5. James

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