Cambridge B1 Preliminary

B1 Preliminary - Real World Multiple Choice Exercise 13

Choose the best answer for each question.



Don't Leave Bikes

Bikes left here overnight will be removed. Not responsible for lost items.

  1. You are allowed to leave your bikes here overnight.
  2. Bikes left here overnight will be lost.
  3. Bikes left here overnight will be taken away.



Dear Paul, I would like to inquire about your holiday cottage in Cornwall. Is it available for rent in July? Best, Helen.

  1. Helen is asking Paul about the location of a cottage.
  2. Helen is asking Paul about facilities and prices of his cottage.
  3. Helen is asking Paul about the availability of his holiday cottage.


Text Message

Hi Sarah, I've got the tickets for the concert this Friday. Could you pick them up from me at school tomorrow? -Emily.

  1. Emily is asking Sarah to collect the concert tickets from her.
  2. Emily is telling Sarah to come to school tomorrow.
  3. Emily is asking Sarah to buy the concert tickets.



Hi Sam, I'm going on a shopping trip to the city with Mum this Saturday. My sister isn't coming, so we have space. Want to join? We can share a hotel room. -Lily.

  1. Lily is telling Sam that the shopping trip is cancelled.
  2. Lily is asking Sam to come instead of her mum.
  3. Lily says that accommodation isn't a problem.



Holiday Policy Update

Employees must now submit holiday requests at least two weeks in advance.

  1. Employees can now take holiday without prior notice.
  2. Holiday requests must be submitted two weeks ahead.
  3. Holidays of two weeks or more must be approved.

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