Cambridge B1 Preliminary

B1 Preliminary - Real World Multiple Choice Exercise 10

Choose the best answer for each question.



Chess Club

Our regular monthly meeting is moved from Tuesday to Wednesday this week.

  1. The monthly meeting is cancelled this week.
  2. The monthly meeting has been rescheduled to Wednesday.
  3. The monthly meeting will happen twice this week, on Tuesday and Wednesday.


Text Message

Hi Grace, do you have any plans on Saturday? There's a charity run in the park. Want to join? Speak soon, Olivia.

  1. Grace doesn't have any plans for Saturday.
  2. Olivia will meet Grace in the park.
  3. Olivia is inviting Grace to a charity run.



Chess Club Gathering

Meet in room 303 at 4.00pm on Thursday for information about the chess tournament this Sunday.

  1. Come to the meeting on Sunday to find out more.
  2. The email is about a meeting to discuss an upcoming chess tournament.
  3. The chess club is asking for volunteers for the chess tournament.



Lost and Found

A set of keys was found in the break room. If they are yours, please claim them at the reception.

  1. A set of keys found in the break room can be claimed at reception.
  2. A set of keys is missing from the break room.
  3. Someone has claimed a set of keys at the reception.



Win a Gourmet Cooking Class

Join our contest for a chance to win a gourmet cooking class with celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay! Entry costs $20. You can take all food home afterwards! Deadline for entries: October 1st.

  1. The entrants must bring all necessary food from home.
  2. No entry deadline is given.
  3. The prize is a cooking class with Gordon Ramsay.

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