Cambridge B1 Preliminary

B1 Preliminary - Real World Multiple Choice Exercise 9

Choose the best answer for each question.



Dear customer, your order has been shipped and should arrive by Friday.

  1. The customer's order is ready to be shipped.
  2. The customer's order has been sent and is expected to arrive by Friday.
  3. The customer's order will not arrive until after Friday.



Winter Storm

The meteorological department forecasts a severe winter storm over the weekend. All residents are advised to stay indoors and make necessary preparations.

  1. There is a prediction of cold weather over the weekend.
  2. The weather is expected to be clear by Saturday.
  3. Due to the weather, residents should leave the area.



Community Garden Party

Food, games, and entertainment! Entry $3. All proceeds will contribute to building a playground in our park.

  1. Every person going to the garden party will get $3.
  2. The community is asking for volunteers to build the playground.
  3. The notice says that funds raised will be used to build a playground.



Hello, I visited your cafe last week and loved the ambience. I'm wondering if you provide space for private events? Thanks, Michael.

  1. Michael is asking how much a private event would be.
  2. Michael is asking about the cafe's menu.
  3. Michael is asking if the cafe can host private events.



Win a Year's Supply of Books

Win a year's supply of books from your favourite genre! Entry is free. No age restrictions apply. Entries close on November 15th.

  1. The prize is a large amount of books.
  2. Participants need to pay an entry fee of $5.
  3. The prize is a collection of history books.

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