Cambridge B1 Preliminary

B1 Preliminary - Real World Multiple Choice Exercise 6

Choose the best answer for each question.



Printer Update

The office printer will be replaced next week. Please limit printing to essential documents only in the meantime.

  1. Next week, the office printer will be replaced.
  2. The office printer is currently out of service.
  3. The office printer will be replaced today.



Win a Personal Training Package

Get fit with our prize of 10 personal training sessions! Entry is free. Participants must be 16 years or older. Entries close on October 15th.

  1. The prize is a run with a professional athlete.
  2. There are no age restrictions for this competition.
  3. The prize is 10 sessions with a trainer.



Hi Emma, I heard there's a job opening in your department. Can you give me more details? Thanks, Jim.

  1. Jim has details about a job opening in Emma's department.
  2. Emma wants to know more about a job opening in Jim's department.
  3. Jim wants to know more about a job opening in Emma's department.



Team Meeting

There will be a team meeting in Conference Room A at 10am on Friday. Attendance is mandatory.

  1. A team meeting is scheduled for Friday.
  2. You don't need to go to the meeting.
  3. The team meeting will take place in Conference Room B.



Hey Lisa, I missed class today, can you let me know what the homework for our science class was? Thanks, Alex.

  1. Lisa missed class and doesn't know the homework.
  2. Alex needs to know the homework for the science class.
  3. Alex missed class and needs the time of the next class.

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