Cambridge B1 Preliminary

B1 Preliminary - Real World Multiple Choice Exercise 3

Choose the best answer for each question.


Text Message

Hi Bella, We're planning a picnic this Saturday. Do you want to come along? You can bring something to drink. There's an extra blanket for you. -Sophia.

  1. Sophia is telling Bella she doesn't need to bring a blanket.
  2. Sophia is asking Bella to join them for a picnic during the week.
  3. Sophia is telling Bella to bring some food.



Wi-Fi Maintenance

There will be Wi-Fi maintenance from 6pm to 8pm today. Internet services will be interrupted during this time.

  1. Wi-Fi maintenance will take place during office hours.
  2. Internet services will not be affected by the Wi-Fi maintenance.
  3. Wi-Fi will be unavailable this evening.


Text Message

Hey Amy, I'm throwing a surprise party for Lisa's birthday this Sunday. Can you help me with the decorations? Speak soon, Brad.

  1. Brad is inviting Amy to a surprise party.
  2. Brad is telling Amy about a surprise party she missed.
  3. Brad is asking Amy to help with a surprise party.


Text Message

Train Delays

Hey, just wanted to let you know the train is delayed by 30 minutes. I'll be a bit late for our meeting.

  1. The sender won't be able to make it to the meeting.
  2. The sender will be late for the meeting due to a train delay.
  3. The train is running on time and the sender might be early for the meeting.



Lift Broken

Lift is not operational. Please use the stairs.

  1. The lift isn't working but you can use the stairs.
  2. The lift should only be used if you can't climb stairs.
  3. The lift works now as it's been repaired.

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