Phrasal Verb Exercises C-D

Sometimes, you must use a pronoun between the main verb and the particle. If this is the case, the required pronoun can be found in brackets after the space.

1. They decided to name their son Arthur like after the husband's father even though she wanted to (him) her brother Vincent.

2. We don't want to the baseball match now. A lot of people have already bought tickets.

3. My father was into the army when he was only 17.

4. My aunt is a type of nurse. She elderly people at a residential care centre.

5. The 3 men who robbed the First National Bank were confronted by the most technologically advanced security system developed for a bank but they still managed to (it).

6. With property prices so high now, you should on your house before they fall again.

7. She needs to to what her boss is doing behind her back. She will go to jail with him!

8. Seeing as I have the day off today, I will on my correspondence.

9. Try and get your brother to . He looks thoroughly miserable!!

10. Every air crash at the public's confidence in the airlines.

11. The new owners will be here on Monday so we need to totally by then.

12. The police say they are on the serial killer after his ex-wife came to them.

13. I fear Mary has the flu again. She catches it off the other kids at school.

14. Mandy will be away all next week so I want you to her.

15. The passenger pigeon in the USA in the 19th Century.

16. I think the government should all laws pertaining to public speech and expression.

17. The general meeting for two hours longer than anticipated.

18. Stop beating about the bush, Tony. What are you when you say "more money"? Do you want a pay rise or not?

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