Phrasal Verb Generator 14

Use a main verb from the first box and a preposition from the second box to create the answers below.

Any pronoun, etc that has to be put between the main verb and the preposition is put in brackets:

e.g - Go and _________ (him)! It's nearly 9am!!

Answer: Go and wake him up! It's nearly 9am!!

Back Call Grow Run
Turn Wear Wipe Work
Away Off Out Of
Into Out Up

1. The three men from the robber when they saw he had a gun.

2. Heavy rain has forced baseball officials to tonight's game.

3. It took me many years to the habit of having my bedroom light on when I slept.

4. "You'll never guess who I !" "Who?" "Our old teacher, Mrs. Monkins! After all these years."

5. Oh, the news is on. Can you the TV, I can't hear a thing!

6. I do love your little walking trips, Adrian, but you're (me)! I'm not twenty anymore!

7. My favorite game is Alien Insanity. You have to all the alien cities and protect yours using robot dinosaurs!

8. Stop using a calculator all the time, Cindy! Can't you (it) in your head?

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