Phrasal Verb Generator 13

Use a main verb from the first box and a preposition from the second box to create the answers below.

Any pronoun, etc that has to be put between the main verb and the preposition is put in brackets:

e.g - Go and _________ (him)! It's nearly 9am!!

Answer: Go and wake him up! It's nearly 9am!!

Bring Fall Pick Rely
Try Turn Watch Work
Up On Down
Off Out Over

1. "I told you never to mention that to me. Don't ever (it) again!"

2. Where your plan is you haven't allowed for the possibility of colder temperatures.

3. Can you (me) at the airport tomorrow? I should land at about 7pm.

4. David thought he could his brother to help him.

5. Barbara bought the sweater without (it) and regretted it later; it was too small.

6. I think we should have the road a few miles back. I don't recognize this area at all!

7. In the story, the good witch the children while they sleep and protects them from the evil wizard.

8. We go to the gym for 30 minutes every day to before going to the office.

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