Phrasal Verb Generator 7

Use a main verb from the first box and a preposition from the second box to create the answers below.

Any pronoun, etc that has to be put between the main verb and the preposition is put in brackets:

e.g - Go and _________ (him)! It's nearly 9am!!

Answer: Go and wake him up! It's nearly 9am!!

Ask Break Check Get
Look Rule Show Warm
Out Off Together
Up To Down Up

1. John Mel only two months ago and they're already engaged!

2. On hearing the news of his mother's death, the boy and couldn't be consoled.

3. Mr. Griffiths, after you of the Palisades Hotel, come straight to the Conference Center.

4. The two brothers over a beer in a local bar and resolved their differences.

5. Liam, as a child, all of his elder relatives, but it was his grandfather he had a special respect and love for.

6. The employment minister argued angrily with the trade union representative after he said that a strike couldn't be .

7. My brother hurt himself while he was on his new bike.

8. Jones missed the game after he got injured. His thigh muscle got torn while he was .

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