Phrasal Verb Exercises R-S

Sometimes, you must use a pronoun between the main verb and the particle. If this is the case, the required pronoun can be found in brackets after the space.

1. There are many telephone services out there that try to to groups of people in trouble or despair.

2. The trade union presumed the pay negotiations would be easy, not the management's refusal to pay anything more.

3. OK, Mr. Bryson. I will all the local carpet companies and see if they are interested in advertising with us.

4. I wouldn't the chance of those two getting married. I would say it's not very probable though.

5. His friends convinced him to mayor but he was humiliated in the following election.

6. If we use the heater in the pool every day, we will a huge electricity bill.

7. Seeing the $400 price tag on that mobile phone really (me). I left the shop in shock!

8. If she hadn't his dishonesty in time, they would have got married.

9. My dad so wanted to see the Rolling Stones live but we discovered all the tickets had by the morning of the concert.

10. Driver! (me) just outside the station. I can walk from there as I need to buy a newspaper.

11. I arrived at the formal dinner in a T-shirt and really (everyone). It was so embarrassing.

12. Those pills were too strong and I had to go to bed to the effect. I felt so dizzy.

13. They saw all four books for sale in one shop for £5 and (them) immediately.

14. He should've more in a room that size. I was near the back and couldn't hear a word he said.

15. Did you hear about the burglar who was caught when he tried to rob a house from which the police were another house opposite.

16. If you paint the wall blue, the sofa will too much. Paint it grey.

17. First my boss said I would have to work two evenings a week, now he is saying three. Why doesn't he just our initial arrangement.

18. He drinks two litres of orange juice a day. He its curative powers.

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