Phrasal Verb Exercises M-P

Sometimes, you must use a pronoun between the main verb and the particle. If this is the case, the required pronoun can be found in brackets after the space.

1. To get to the station, the gas station and ask again there. It's a bit complicated really.

2. He he didn't have any money at all - when all the time, his bank account had at least ten thousand dollars in.

3. We missed the flight because the bus was late and we weren't able to the time.

4. If you continue to talk during this exam, I will (you) by 10%.

5. They had a great half-price sale at the shoe store today, but I because I slept in till 10.

6. This city depresses me so much. I am thinking of .

7. The minister was forced to to his corruption by the TV journalist and promptly resigned.

8. The government report into the accident was criticised heavily by the media for having the mistakes of the train company involved.

9. The spy managed to get into Russia by (himself) as a nun at the border gate.

10. I this morning on the bus. It was so hot and crowded. Everything just went black.

11. The street mugger escaped prosecution when the old lady failed to (him) at a police line-up.

12. He received three bravery awards for what he did and still tried to (it) as something totally normal.

13. Three weeks at a French art school will really help me to my landscape skills.

14. We should (the government) better access to information they hold about us.

15. If we at a good speed, we will reach the hotel before dark.

16. Hank's illness means we will have to the starting date for the exhibition. We can't start it without him.

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