Business English Listening Practice

The New CEO 2

Listen to the new CEO of a software company being interviewed.

Read these questions about the listening and choose the best answer.

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1. What seems to have most convinced George to become the CEO?

    they were willing to pay more than his old company

    that Savannah Software had a bright future

    Savannah Software was very undervalued

2. What mistakes does George think Savannah Software has made in the past?

    low standard products

    moving into gaming

    loss of focus

3. Why does George think Savannah Software's competitors done so well?

    they undercut Savannah's prices

    they've copied some of Savannah's ideas

    they've done a better job

4. How does George justify Savannah Software's high prices?


    additional hardware


5. Why did George put a world map in his office?

    due to the international offices they have

    to send a message about their future plans

    it was in his old office

6. Why doesn't Savannah Software have an app?

    the software isn't really suitable for mobile devices

    there is, but it's not well-known

    it's a company mistake that there isn't

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