Business English Listening Practice

Vacation Trends

Now you are going to listen to a discussion that takes place in the offices of Kenyon Books. The conversation is between the head of the company, Sophie, and one of the employees, Barry.

This time, there is ONE word that is factually wrong in each of these sentences about the listening. Write the WRONG word in the space.

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1. Barry has been working on his survey for a couple of weeks and presents its findings after Clara finishes presenting a report.

2. They gathered data by advertising on TV and offering prizes in a draw.

3. Sales of guide books which were promoted at the same time covered half of the cost of the prizes.

4. Some of the main reasons for visiting European cities were for the culture, family connections, visiting historical places or because a friend wanted to go.

5. Nearly one third of survey respondents see themselves as travelers, not tourists.

6. Apart from buying a guide book, people said they prepared for trips by watching the TV, looking at websites, speaking to experts and doing research at the local library.

7. Barry said one finding was that people find travel information on TV programs and website more reliable and information in guide books a little less honest.

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