Business English Listening Practice

A Cry For Help

You are going to hear a woman who is having problems at work call a radio phone-in show.

For each sentence, fill in the space with up to THREE words.

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  1. Dr. Ibsen has spoken to many who are phoning in for the .
  2. Sheila is happily but has some problems at work.
  3. Dr. Ibsen says work takes up a large of our lives.
  4. Sheila's boss says the lack of windows isn't an issue as it enables people .
  5. She says there's a lack in the company.
  6. Dr. Ibsen says it's up to to support employees once they start the job.
  7. Dr. Ibsen says Sheila's boss may not be of the problems that exist in the company.
  8. Dr. Ibsen says it's not enough for workers to be every month. The need help too.

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