Business English Listening Practice

A Cry For Help 2

You are going to hear a woman who is having problems at work call a radio phone-in show.

Complete the notes below taken by someone interested in building a good working atmosphere in the workplace.

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How To Build A Better Workplace

Work consumes about a of your life, so it's important to get things right. A good structure is vital in any company - employees should never feel 'abandoned', they are your most important asset! HR isn't only about interviews and , HR's work must continue after someone has begun working.

It's sometimes difficult for a company to stop thinking like a company. It grows and grows and isn't ready for the new problems that this growth causes.

The must remain the most important contact for all employees. It is in their best interest that the company succeeds.

Those in charge of companies must never begin thinking that ensuring their employees are at the end of each month is sufficient. Employees must feel they are to a company's future.

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