Business English Listening Practice

Scenes From An Office

You are going to hear five short conversations that take place in company offices.

Read these questions about the listening and choose the best answer.

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1. (Part One) What was the meeting about?




2. (Part One) Where is Barry now?

    Picking up his daughter

    In another office

    At a conference

3. (Part Two) What was the problem?


    Dangerous dogs

    Material left behind

4. (Part Two) Why does the woman want to see Phil and Mike?

    To get the full story

    To tell them off

    To find out about the dogs

5. (Part Three) What does the woman say is better?

    The colours

    The amount of things on the page

    The images

6. (Part Three) The man says their competitors all have better websites now.

    Not stated



7. (Part Four) Why doesn't the man pay the woman

    The company were owed money

    The bill has already been paid

    The bill is at the end of the month

8. (Part Four) The office supply company is closed for two days next week due to a holiday.



    Not stated

9. (Part Five) What does the man say about the conference?

    It was beneficial

    It was expensive

    It was friendly

10. (Part Five) What is the reason for the increase in price?

    Exchange rate

    Different currencies

    Added tax

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