Business English Listening Practice

Urgent Mails

Colin needs to send some e-mails urgently. Listen to his boss, Margaret, explaining what she needs him to do.

As you do, complete these notes that Colin makes. Use a maximum of THREE words.

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To do today!

Send 5 e-mails! All of them pretty urgent...

First - write to Max at (1) . Tell him the invoice cost is 10% higher. We know about it and it's not a (2) .

Second - send e-mail to (3) Bronson in Manchester, UK. Tell him the hotel has been confirmed - info pack behind reception. Hotel is called (4) , off Hudson St.

Third - write to Graham Winson, the guy who makes the (5) . Tell him we've decided to go with someone else. Make sure the e-mail is (6) !!!

Fourth - message to Food Monthly magazine. Thanks for media pack, but the (7) is tight at this time of year, etc.

Fifth - e-mail La Maison Rouge confirming dinner for (8) . Get their address off the (9) .

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