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Urgent Mails - Transcript

Dialogue between female boss and male employee talking about emails that need to be sent.

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Margaret: Colin, sit down for a minute. I want you to send some e-mails out today while I'm seeing the representatives from Paris. You're not doing much at the moment, are you?

Colin: Well, I am actually. I still have to finish the proposal on the Benson Industries merger.

Margaret: Oh, I forgot about that. Well, we don't need that until Thursday so get these mails out for me first, OK?

Colin: Alright, no problem.

Margaret: First, of most importance, write to Max over at Catering. He wants to see the invoice we were sent by that Australian company. Attach the'll find it in the folder, "Asia". Tell him the reason it is 10% higher than the expected is that we made a last minute change and it's perfectly fine. Have you got that?

Colin: OK, why is that so important?

Margaret: He sent me a mail this morning saying he wanted to phone the company. He'll cause problems so get straight onto that. Next, could you just send a quick mail to Donald Bronson who's flying out to us from Manchester, England. You'll find his address in this year's customers. Tell him the hotel has now been confirmed and we'll be leaving the information pack behind the reception desk. It's the Three Seasons Hotel, you know, just off Hudson Street. They are expecting him around eight thirty.


Margaret: That Graham Watson, Wilson...what's his name? The website guy?

Colin: Erm....Winson. Graham Winson. He was in last week chatting to Sarah.

Margaret: Yes, that's him. Tell him we thought his estimate a little costly and that we going with someone else. Apologize to him and say we're terribly sorry, you know blah blah sounded as if he's relying on this contract with us, but to be honest, his designs weren't that great for what he was asking.

Colin: OK, I'll tell him.

Margaret: Yeah, but Colin, I don't want you to actually write that!

Colin: No, no, I understand. I'll be all polite and apologetic...

Margaret: Hmm, make sure you are. Then write back to Food Monthly, you know the food magazine.

Colin: Are we going to go ahead with the advertising deal with them?

Margaret: No, we've chosen Your Cuisine and I'll be writing to them myself this evening. Just tell them we were highly impressed with their media pack but budget constraints at this time of year, etcetera etcetera, you know the deal....

Colin: Fine, consider it done. Was there another one? You said five...

Margaret: Did I? I can't think what the other one was, oh yes, just send an e-mail to La Maison Rouge confirming the dinner party for next Friday. I prefer to put these things in writing you know. You remember what that Italian restaurant did to us last year when we phoned to book.

Colin: We don't have that address on the computer, do we?

Margaret: No, just have a quick look around on the web and you'll come across it. Look, I really have to go now. I have to be across town in quarter of an hour. Get those mails done for me, please. I can't be worrying about whether this stuff is getting done.

Colin: Hey, I'm on it. Go and enjoy yourself sipping champagne and eating snails all day.

Margaret: Yeah, if only...see you this evening.

Colin: OK, bye Margaret.

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