Advanced Listening Practice

Film Fanatics

Two movie critics appear on a radio program called Film Fanatics.

As you listen to the radio program, identify which of the three people (the two critics and the presenter) says the following. Write:

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1. The UK has had a lot of recent success with one certain type of film.

2. The humour in Helter Skelter comes from the absurdity of what the main character is asked to do.

3. I started to feel uncomfortable during the film.

4. I think the cast selection creates an unrealistic situation.

5. It was easy to empathize with one of the characters.

6. People have said the camera work in the film is wonderful.

7. I was still thinking about aspects of the Time Out plot after it had finished.

8. I was surprised by the quality of this film.

9. I hope the director keeps producing this quality of film.

10. The film didn't need any star names to be a success.

11. The child star of the film was seen by the director on local TV.

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