Advanced Listening Practice

Film Fanatics 2

Two movie critics appear on a radio program called Film Fanatics. As you listen, complete these sentences from the radio program.

Use a maximum of FOUR words.

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  1. I mean, I'll just give you a quick synopsis of what the movie .
  2. He gets up to a lot of perfectly innocent things but from the outside, it seems as if he's about some killing spree.
  3. ...the longer a comedy goes without making you laugh, you just start to feel almost embarrassed that there's something you're not understanding, that you're film.
  4. We won't have seen him much before as he's sitcom performances on UK television.
  5. ...I think Henson is around 40 and it didn't having a supposed friend being so much older.
  6. You could totally and her acting was just spot on.
  7. It promises to get you hiding behind your couch, or at least your popcorn and and scares by the bucketload.
  8. Every time you think you can see how the movie is going to finish, it does an about face and your options.
  9. I understand that De La Pena Miami and there is definitely a real, authentic Latin flavor to the film.
  10. I think he was parachuted into the movie to a little star appeal
  11. I heard that De La Pena saw this kid on TV and absolutely in, at least for an audition.
  12. It's nice to see you other for once!

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