Advanced Listening Practice

Read All About It

Two friends talk about the newspapers in their local area.

Listen to the mp3 file and choose the best answer for each question. Then listen again to check.

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1. Why does Gemma mention the horoscopes in The Times?
    To say it was a serious paper.
    To say something she was going to miss.
    As a way of criticising the newspaper.

2. What is Gemma's attitude towards the children's hospital campaign carried out by The Times?
    They were being hypocritical.
    It was always doomed to failure.
    It was very popular.

3. How does Ben justify the heavy baseball coverage in The Times?
    There is little else to write about.
    There's no shame in celebrating success.
    The Times gives a lots of space to baseball because the other newspapers don't.

4. What does Ben think about those who work for The Journal?
    They write awful, boring articles.
    They write articles which are of little relevance to him.
    They would like to write for bigger and better newspapers.

5. What does Gemma think will happen to the jobs that are currently advertised in The Times?
    The local economy will be affected but not destroyed.
    People will find in the ads in other newspapers.
    One of the other newspapers will open a local jobs newspaper.

6. What two purposes does Gemma think local people use a local newspaper for in the age of TV and Internet?
    Jobs and obituaries.
    Jobs and TV listings.
    To find out what's on locally and who's died.

7. What do Gemma and Ben agree about?
    They will both stop buying local newspapers.
    Prices are likely to rise in the near future.
    There are too many local newspapers.

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