Advanced Listening Practice

Turn Off That Light

Listen to an expert talking about light pollution. Choose the best answer (A, B, C or D) for each of these questions.

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1. The odd thing about light pollution is that most people

    don't see it on a day to day basis.

    have never witnessed it.

    don't want legislation to stop it.

    don't have much knowledge about it.

2. Speaking about the stars, Susan makes a comparison with twenty years ago in order to show

    that the situation is deteriorating.

    that tougher legislation is needed.

    that cities are getting bigger.

    that there are fewer stars than in the past.

3. A positive benefit of reducing light pollution that Susan mentions is

    the US could import less foreign oil.

    the US wouldn't need to burn coal to produce electricity.

    the US could stop importing oil after a few months.

    the US could export more oil to foreign countries.

4. Which of these people does Susan not mention with reference to the light pollution problem?




    Amateur astronomers

5. What is the best definition of "light trespass" as described by Susan?

    Using light sources which do not meet international standards.

    Using too strong a light source which creates dark shadows.

    Using light sources that allow light to escape into areas surrounding the parking lot, building, etc.

    Using light sources that allow light to escape upwards into the sky.

6. Which of these measures does Susan not mention when talking about what we as individuals can do to reduce light pollution?

    Only buy light fittings from a recognized store.

    Not to use light bulbs without a cover.

    Contacting politicians.

    Use downward facing lighting.

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