Advanced Listening Practice

A Survival Story 2

Listen to the exciting story of survival at sea, against all the odds.

Complete these sentences using a maximum of THREE words. You will hear the recording twice.

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  1. Jane wasn't sure what she had hit because of how was.
  2. She had two GPS devices in the boat but them were lost.
  3. Jane was stuck in an area where there was a severe wind.
  4. Jane tried to stay positive at the beginning and even pondered the amount of could lose while adrift on the ocean.
  5. After eleven days, were running low and she started to feel more and more worried.
  6. She couldn't afford to waste any water, even by .
  7. Jane considers it almost miraculous that she was spotted by Angelo Ortega as he was about to .
  8. Another plane had flown over her on the although she wasn't aware of it.
  9. She now plans to return to Panama in order to .

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