Advanced Listening Practice

The Pet Caterer 2

Listen to Janice interviewing Dan about his pet food business.

Choose the best answer for each of these questions.

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1. What part of the company is Dan's wife involved in?

    the accounts

    the deliveries

    preparing the food

2. What would Animal Appetite NOT consider when preparing food for an animal?

    their medical history

    their current food

    their potential allergies

3. What comparison between animals and humans does Dan make?

    both tend to be overweight

    both have many medical issues

    both are complicated organisms

4. What vital discussion does the company have with pet owners early in the process?

    the pet's health

    the overall cost

    delivery times

5. What is included in a typical delivery?

    the food and some food bowls/dishes

    only food and water

    only the food

6. Why is the interviewer surprised by the number of animals they cater for?

    there are some large animals in the city

    she didn't think you could buy food for so many animals

    keeping horses as pets is illegal

7. What was the inspiration for the creation of the company?

    being made redundant

    a favor for a friend

    something his young daughter said

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