Advanced Listening Practice


An interview on the radio about SETI (Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence).

Listen to the mp3 file and put one phrase from the table into each empty box. There are 4 extra phrases that you don't need. Then listen again to check.

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to survive  
understands exactly what
1960s and 1970s
listening for signals
last few years
environmental damage
gazing up at
valuable mineral resources
intelligent life
arguments over money
silence from space
the distances
life on other

1. Both Hilary and Mike comment that not everybody what SETI is.

2. Hilary says that SETI researchers all believe in planets.

3. She uses the snail example to illustrate involved.

4. NASA sent messages on spacecraft during the .

5. Current SETI techniques involve rather than sending signals.

6. In an ideal world, NASA would like to find and not just simple plant life.

7. It's possible to get depressed by the continued but Hilary remains optimistic.

8. One reason an advanced form of life cannot be detected is that they may have themselves.

9. Hilary mentions nuclear proliferation, overpopulation and as examples of how our civilization
puts itself in danger.

10. If Hilary met any aliens, she would ask them how it was possible for them .

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